26 July 2008

Save the Date: Saturday, August 9th

I'm doing a pre-workshop workshop for Chicago-area artists and other interested parties who'd like to learn more about the Vet Art Project. We'll be at a space at the University of Chicago. A big shout-out of thanks goes to the good folks of Rivendell Theatre Ensemble (www.rivendelltheatre.net) who helped us arrange this. More details to come via e-mail. Otherwise e-mail me and I'll pass the details along. (BTW: Check out Rivendell's Fresh Produce 2008: A Celebration of New Works by Women on Wed., July 30 and Friday, August 8.)

24 July 2008

Experiential Exercises Are Highlight of Soldier's Heart Intensive

The Soldier's Heart Intensive Training Retreat challenged me in many ways. Experiential exercises gave me just a taste of the split-second decisions made in a combat zone and the emotional roller coaster of a warrior on the battlefield. These exercises helped build bridges between veterans and the civilian participants (psychologists, family members, artists) so that we could connect to each other as equals and comrades in arms, except here we did not take up hostile positions. Instead we held each other, supported each other, were present for each other and each other's needs. This and more was a model that I'll incorporate in the Vet Art Project.