16 June 2010

Delayed Update from Manhattan . . . Kansas where Everything's Coming Up Drama Therapy

This past Spring I appreciated my brief but helpful stay at Blue Mountain Center where I was able to really dig into The Vet Art Project Book. Centered around the art that we've created collaboratively, and the stories of the people behind the art, this book will reach beyond the goal of providing a how-to manual for other artists who want to bring the Vet Art Project to their home community to help educate civilians about war and service and feature some of the amazing art and experiences we've shared thus far.

I've also been to a Veterans Journey Home Retreat in northern Wisconsin. This is a wonderful organization (www.vetsjourneyhome.org) that offers a powerful retreat experience for veteran participants and staff members. I encourage you all to learn more about this program and what it offers. I'm grateful that I'll be joining them again in Milwaukee in August.

Currently I'm in Manhattan, Kansas taking drama therapy and sociodrama workshops as I work toward becoming a Registered Drama Therapist. I've learned so much from all the fantastic Creative Art Therapists who have come to share their talents with the Vet Art Project Chicago and at other locations. Another week and a half to go and then I'm off again eventually making my way to Phoenix in August to help launch Vet Art Project Phoenix mid-month, and before that to present an experiential workshop at the Department of Defense Force Health Protection Conference along with clinical director Lin Daley. (Lin is in Madison, Wisconsin working with Dryhootch (dryhootch.org) with their Wisconsin Warriors Summit this week.

Jessa Carlstrom is doing a fantastic job as lead artist of Vet Art Project Chicago with expanded programming and more to be announced shortly.