12 May 2012

Theatre of War Video for Upcoming Benefit for the Vet Art Project

Please witness this powerful collage of sounds and images depicting war and relative distance to it:

03 May 2012

Theatre of War to benefit the Vet Art Project

Chicago friends of the Vet Art Project can support it by feeding themselves new ways to look at, feel, and think about the effects of war. A collaboration among Chicago music, film theater, and written word artists, Theatre of War sets out to share their exploration of "the alienation felt by many Americans: the alienation of the soldier from civilian life, of the average U.S. citizen from victims of torture, of the dissociative, technological methods of remote-control weaponry from its human casualties--and the notable lack of spiritual disquiet in our society at large as so much destruction occurs around the world."

  • Wednesday, May 23rd &
  • Thursday, May 24th
  • 7:30 p.m. each evening
  • CHOPIN Theater
  • $30 general admission / $20 students with ID
I'll be there for the opening night and participants in the Vet Art Project Chicago will be here both nights.

Details here: http://spektralquartet.com/events/theatre-of-war/

Please help support the dialogue.
Wishing all of you peace through art,