12 August 2012

The Women Warriors Project returns!

This coming Tuesday evening the Women Warriors Project will reconvene for the month of August. Meeting one evening each month we use creative arts therapy techniques to share our stories and our lives with other women who've served in the military or in supportive roles to those who serve whether as a partner or spouse, daughter, sister, or friend. Our experiences are different from those of men, and we want to share our unique journeys together to realize we are not alone, others face similar challenges, how we can help each other move forward, and our voices are significant additions to what it means to serve one's country. Please join us this Tuesday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at First Grace UCC in Akron. If you cannot join us, please contact me at vetartproject@gmail.com to learn how you can start your own Women Warriors Project in your home community. Let's come together to move forward with strength, courage, joy, and gratitude.