04 April 2012

Women Warriors Project launches in NE Ohio!

Hello Friends of the Vet Art Project,
We have just launched the Women Warriors Project meeting monthly in NE Ohio--in Akron to be exact. Here are the details. Please join us and help us spread the word!
Wishing you all peace through Art, Lisa

Women Warriors Project
We are a gathering for women—
Making Art, Sharing Stories, and Supporting Each Other in Our Service
· Women service members and veterans
· Women whose spouses or partners are currently serving or veterans
· Women who are mothers of current service members or veterans
· Women whose brother, sister, father, mother—any family relation or friend—is currently serving or served in the military
We women provide support when we serve our country, and we offer a lot of support to those we love who serve(d) our country. We need to support ourselves to help sustain ourselves and others. Women Warriors Project is a group where we can share our stories in an accepting and supportive community.
6:30 – 8 p.m.
2nd Tuesday of Every Month
First Grace UCC
350 S. Portage Path
Akron, Ohio 44320
There is no cost to participate.
E-mail vetartproject@gmail.com or call 708-715-5488
to RSVP & for more information
This group is led by Lisa Peacock, MA, Drama Therapist, founder of the Vet Art Project, the wife of a veteran, and a playwright, writing coach, author, and editor.
The Vet Art Project creates opportunities for veterans and family members to work with creative media to foster storytelling about war and service to attain a greater level of personal understanding, awareness, and peace.
More information: www.vetartproject.com
This program is supported in part by the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, Warriors Journey Home, First Grace UCC, and Family & Community Services

Writing Contest for Veterans

The Iowa Review has a new veterans writing contest. Here are the details:

The Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans
This new contest is open to U.S. military veterans and active duty personnel writing in any genre.
The winner will receive $1,000 and publication in an upcoming issue of The Iowa Review literary magazine.
The final judge is Robert Olen Butler.
Deadline: June 15, 2012
Entry fee: $15
For online submission guidelines, please visit iowareview.submishmash.com.
For paper submission guidelines (and more information), visit http://iowareview.uiowa.edu/veteranswritingcontest.
Please e-mail iowa-review@uiowa.edu with any questions.